Conversations with my readers:

This is Jen Lowrance.  We messaged a bit.  I had told her how my characters take on a personality and start to write their own story.  I shared most people don't believe that happens.

Jen said: I believe it entirely. That is how the best of the stories are created because it allows them to flow without being stuffy or over thought, but still realistic and not ignorant.

Then I asked Jen what her favorite book was:

Jen said:

It's so hard to pick just one favorite. The entire Geneva series feels like as a woman, stepping back in time and seeing how strong women not only survived harsh areas, but conquered them. The medieval novels have the same feel but with a more romantic language and setting and a raw energy to them. If I had to pick though, it would probably be Bear River Spirit for having such a powerful message told from the point of view usually ignored or twisted. It's a wonderfully clear story with detail and emotion enough to make someone cry.

Thank you, Jen.  I love the Geneva Saga Family, but Bear River Spirit is my favorite.


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