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Maui H.S. The Chronicles

Geneva's Royal

Under the Apron


Geneva's Star

Geneva's Star

The Beggar Fairy Queen - Children's Fairy Tale - Fiction $10.99


 His Other Life Reunited

Contemporary Romance - Fiction $12.99

His Other Life Reunited



A Mother's Heart: creating the Foundation

Historical Biography - Fiction  $12.99

A Mother's Heart: creating the foundation

Firedrake of Cumberland Historical Romance $12.99

                                                                                                       Jacyln & Ulrich

 Firedrake of Cumberland

The Outsider Historical Romance $15.99


The Outsider


Geneva’s Hope – Book 1 of the Geneva Saga Historical Romance  $20.95

   Kerry and Braden

Geneva's Hope 

Geneva’s Branch – Book 2 of the Geneva Saga Historical Romance $18.95

Geneva's Branch


Geneva’s Return – Book 3 of the Geneva Saga Historical Romance $19.95

Geneva's Return


Geneva’s Promise – Book 4 of the Geneva Saga  Historical Romance    $21.95

 Breena and Dwayne


Geneva's Promise

Geneva’s Force – Book 5 of the Geneva Saga Historical Romance $16.99


Geneva's Force


Geneva’s Legacy – Book 6 of the Geneva Saga Historical Romance $16.99


Geneva's Legacy


Bear River Spirit Historical Romance   $20.95  

 Reilly and Owen

 Bear River Spirit

Smitten Historical Romance     $20.95

Rigan and Paul



Conquer My Heart Historical Romance $21.50

Conquer My Heart



Five Star Affair WWII Romance   $15.99   

Kiley and Mark 

Five Star Affair


Novo Arkhangel’sk Historical Romance $14.99 

Novo Arkhangel'sk


StoneHeart Historical Romance $14.99


Stone Heart

Maui H.S. Contemporary Romance  $25.94

 Maui H.S.


Little Explorer: My New Moccasins  - Children's Story $14.99


Testament: An Ordinary Life   Biography $8.96  


Birth: Harmonic Saga Science Fiction Romance $22.95

Birth: Harmonic Saga